Generating HTML Files for a Blog, aka Building a Blog

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To generate the HTML files for a blog cd to the blog’s directory and use the build command:

$ litepub build
Generating: index.html
Generating: tags/reference.html
Generating: tags/tutorial.html
Generating: tags/advanced.html
Generating: tags/docs.html
Generating: tags/basics.html
Generating: overview.html
Generating: quick-start.html
Generating: installation.html
Generating: creating-a-blog.html
Generating: creating-posts.html
Generating: generating-html-files-for-a-blog-aka-building-a-blog.html
Generating: serving-a-blog.html
Generating: templates.html
Generating: getting-help.html

The draft posts are ignored when building a blog.

LitePub takes the *.tmpl files from the templates directory, applies them to posts stored in the posts directory and generates the HTML files to the www directory. It also copies all accompanying files (and directories) from the templates directory to the www directory.

The generated HTML file names are created by slugifying the post title (or the tag name when generating tag pages) and adding the html extension. For example, a post with the How I Switched from Java to JavaScript title is generated to the how-i-switched-from-java-to-javascript.html file.

The build Command Reference

  litepub build  [<dir>] [-q, --quiet]

  <dir>  The directory to create the blog in or look for; it will be created if
         it doesn't exist (only when creating a blog) [default: .]

  -q, --quiet        Show only errors     

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