Creating Posts

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To create a post just add a Markdown file in the posts directory. The file name and extension aren’t important, only the content of the file.

All posts need to be stored directly in the posts directory. In other words, subdirectories in the posts directory are ignored when looking for posts.

Each post looks like this (it’s the start of an actual post from my blog):

1 # How I Switched from Java to JavaScript
3 *Jan 25, 2015*
5 *Java, JavaScript*
7 I know that there are lots of posts about why JavaScript, or more specifically
8 Node.js, is better than Java but nevertheless I wanted to contribute, too.
9 ...
  • Line 1 is the post’s title. If it starts with one or more #s they are stripped. So in this case the title becomes How I Switched from Java to JavaScript.
  • Line 3 is the post’s date. It has to be in the *MMM d, YYYY* format.
  • Line 5 are comma separated post tags.
  • Anything below line 6 is the content of the post.

The post’s title and date are required. Tags are optional.

Draft Posts

Any post can be marked as draft by simply moving it to the draft subdirectory of the posts directory. To unmark it just move it back to the posts directory.

Deleting a post is analogous to drafting: just remove it from the posts directory.

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